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Roman Trabura was born in July 21st, 1960 in Vsetin, the Czech Republic. Since 1978 he has lived and worked in Prague. In 1978 to 1990 he studied privately, and attended courses of drawing and painting as well as private lectures on art history. His work has been exhibited in group exhibitions since 1984 and from 1988 he has had one man shows. In 1990 he represented Czech fine art ata festival in Nijmegen, Holland. In 1991 he exhibited his graphic works in Italian Montebelluno. In 1992 he spent summer in a Spanish fine art foundation 'Ia Rectoria' in Barcelona on a grant. In 1993 he received a grant from the foundation of Jana and Milan Jelinek Stifftung. In 1994 he received a three month scholarship in Nottingham in England. He studied painting at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, in 1990 to 1992 he studied in the studio of professor Jiri Naceradsky, from 1992 to 1996 he studied at professor Ales Vesely. He completed the Academy m 1997. Is represented in collections :Czech National gallery,Czech museum of fine art, Prague,Gallery of Felix Jenewein, Kutna Hora.Some of his paintings are in private collections in Düseldorf, Frankfurt, Barcelona, New York and Prague. He carried out several art works in public sites: altar paintings in thechurch in Libeznice town near Prague, facade paintings in a brewery plant KHB in Kagoshima, Japan. His works are included in a book called Contemporary Czech Painting compiled by Pavla Pecinkova and published by G+B Arts International Limited in Australia in 1993.

HolidaysReturn of the lost sonThe troubadourSalamander

GrandmamaLoversDowntownThe wall

The ratsHeavensBy the wellSunrise


SpotsCityPhallus imphudicusMushrooms

BoltSt.NiclasesCloudsTo see the Napples and to dye

OutskirtsRemorses of conscienceSnakes

WoodooOld boots

Snakes<SakurajimaSakurajima II.

Sakurajima III.UntitletRushCars I

Summer in the cityAmong the toadstools I.Among the toadstools II.Biedermayer

Japanese sunsetManhuntersGlobeendangeretThe Last man

CrowdsGulliver in N.Y.BenettonNude

SantaTrees in winterSchwarzwald

The fogKokeshi dolls IKokeshi dolls IICars II

Interesting manRiotAccidentLost in space

Yellow sea IYellow sea IISt.Paul«s CathedralThe Painter

Battle of ArdensHead explosionChristmas at Stalingrad IChristmas at Stalingrad II

Purple ForestBlue ForestBoar HuntPilgrimer

Nomads INomads IIFisherman

Orange MidwayChinese SeaGeeen MidwayGreen Sea

Japanese SeaCharonWinter

Aphophys passing the EarthThere were Five of usRed AccidentBacillus Column

RiotsSuicide«s ExplosianAl-KaidaAccident


Fish I


Clinic DepressionGass

Fish IICriminals at the DoorSkull

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